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YTI Adds Human Touch and Elevates Technology

140 Nott Highway
Ashford, CT 06278

Contact: Randy E. Larson
Tel: 508.347.5895


YTI Adds Human Touch and Elevates Technology
Operator interface touch panels added to new and refurbished vacuum systems

June 2014; Ashford, CT—YTI, Inc. installs human machine interface (HMI) panels to its new and refurbished vacuum coating systems. The touch panels are custom programmed for each application, providing efficient operation and remote troubleshooting functions that save significant time and money. All upgraded vacuum systems remain outfitted with manual operability for back-up and testing functions.

YTI’s HMI panels provide operators with user-friendly control and monitoring of all system parameters. The HMI panels expand the range of system operations, provide data collection and analysis, and display full system operating functions and diagnostics that are essential during servicing, troubleshooting, and testing. New functions, and even complete system reconfiguration may be easily and swiftly integrated.

About YTI
With its fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and service facility, and staff of highly qualified, experienced professionals, YTI remains a respected leader in custom vacuum systems, engineering, components, and round-the-clock service. The company services brands such as Polycold, Telemark, Leybold, MDC, Dektak and Stokes and provides installation, preventive maintenance and customized service contracts to meet the vacuum coating industry’s range of equipment, facility, or application requirements. This year marks the company’s thirty-year anniversary.

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