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Temperature Measuring Film Thickness Monitor

Eon™ Feedthrough Mounted Film Thickness Monitor. A new era in thin film deposition instrumentation has arrived!

The world is changing to networks running everything, and your film thickness monitor is no different. To meet this demand, others have developed simple units in place of the oscillator that connect to the feed through and supply digital data to a personal computer. The Eon™ takes this one step further and offers real-time temperature measurement as well as real time crystal resistance. Temperature measurement allows the software to correct for crystal heating (via a pre-loaded frequency vs. temperature curve) insuring the ultimate in film thickness accuracy. Combined with an RC cut crystal, stress is eliminated as well!

Real time crystal resistance measurement puts the Eon™ and its cousins, the Millennium and the Infinity controllers (coming very soon), in a class by themselves.

Instead of a derived measurement of the crystal “health” we measure the current that drives the crystal during oscillation. As the current decreases, the potential for crystal failure increases in a non linear fashion. Since failure is specific to materials and coating conditions, the Eon™ allows users to create their own predictive algorithms for crystal lifetime and crystal change out.

• World’s first real-time frequency vs. temperature correction capability
• Temperature measuring and controlling quartz crystal oscillator capable of driving a single quartz crystal sensor
• Full PID programmable temperature control
• Compatible with all commercially available sensor heads and feedthroughs
• Communicates with user designed or proprietary LabVIEW software
• Infinitely expandable
• All connecting cables and an instruction manual

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