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Welcome to the VCi community! We’re glad you’re here. We invite you to take advantage of your good company.

When you list with VCi, your company becomes part of a global community of industrial excellence. VCi exists to help you work with peers and customers to provide the best processes, products, and services available. That’s why we have created the VCI Blue Chip Rated program. It is a distinction to signify that you are part of a select group, and that you have earned the VCi Blue Chip seal of approval. We encourage you to display this affiliation on your website (an example is shown below). Your company is reliable, innovative, and enterprising. The Blue Chip Rated program helps others know that about you.

Register Now, list your company and a minimum of two products and/or services and claim your ‘VCi Blue Chip Rated’ badge, to display on your website. In addition to representing inclusion in the VCi community, badge users enjoy discounted prices for web banner advertising on VCi.

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