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Kurt J Lesker: Vacuum Systems

KJLC remains a leader in the manufacture of fully integrated vacuum systems. We offer single chamber deposition systems or cluster tools with robotic transfer for production and research applications. Extensive knowledge of process, application, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering help KJLC to be your primary supplier of vacuum deposition equipment. Having supplied more than 1,600 systems to nearly 900 customers worldwide, we have built a reputation and standard of excellence as a thin-film vacuum deposition system manufacturer.

And we now offer three different computer-controlled atomic layer deposition (ALD) system platforms to support varying levels of R&D. From compact, stand-alone ALD systems, to fully-integrated multi-technique deposition cluster tools—we have the right platform to support your level of research.

The flagship of our deposition systems line is our PVD 75 PRO Line model with KJLC’s innovative eKLipse control software and many new enhancements over the previous platform.

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