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SIMS Workstation , a UHV Surface Analysis System, for thin film depth profiling – Vacuum Coating .info – VCi
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SIMS Workstation , a UHV Surface Analysis System, for thin film depth profiling

A rugged general purpose SIMS and SNMS analysis station:

- Rapid turnaround of all types of samples
- Static and dynamic SIMS
- Integral ioniser for SNMS and RGA
- Choice of Ion guns
- SNMS surface mapping / imaging
- Surface contamination analysis
- Quantification of matrix level by SNMS
- Flexible and upgradeable configuration
- Low cost of ownership

The Hiden SIMS Workstation, an integrated UHV / SIMS facility for advanced surface analysis, featuring:

- Hiden MAXIM SIMS analyser operating under MASsoft for ppb analysis.
Intergrated ioniser for efficient SNMS analysis.
- Choice of differentially pumped Hiden IG20 Gas, IG-5C Caesium,
- IFG200 FAB or high performance liquid gallium guns as primary excitation source.
- Integral ion gun raster control with signal gating for depth profiling.
- Electron flood gun option for charge neutralisation in insulator studies.
- Vacuum chamber bakeout heaters.
- Fast sample transfer, sample holder and manipulator with load lock.
- UHV manipulator for optimum sample positioning.
- SIMS elemental imaging option with ESM LabVIEW SIMS Imaging program.
- Static SIMS Spectral Library available.
- Automatic SIMS ion optics lens tuning, and automatic mass alignment for optimum SIMS performance.

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