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PVD Vacuum Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Deposition System

Highlights of Equipment:
Robust Design, Large Batch, Fast Cycle Magnetron Sputtering Deposition Plant

Vakia manufactures the most reliable deposition systems in the PVD coating industry. The MSC system is designed with ease of maintenance, large volume capacity. With over 90% uptime, users can focus on meeting their production demands.
Typical Applications: ► Electroplate Replacement ( like: Cr,Cu,Ni, Ti etc.) ► Automotive wheels & rims ► Tableware & kitchenware: faucet ► Industrial Mechanical Tools ► Architecture Material: ceramic tile, wall glasses ►Sports & Entertainments: golf heads, toys ►Others: Lighting, eyewear, jewelleary, watch, laptop, camera, mobile etc for decorative surface treatment.

1) Low investment and high payback for owner; 2) To provide effective training for users: equipment operation & coating processes; 3) High volume production, fast cycle (20-30mins/batch),robust structure system; 4) Ergonomic design is friendly operation and easy maintenance: removable shielding, auto/semi-auto/manual operation models.

Please tell us your demand and issues, let’s have a discussion and find
the solutions together. Never stop pursing the advanced coating technologies to server our customers better.

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Posted by: ShangHai Vakia Coating Technology Co., Ltd. 

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