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Polycold Refrigerant Gas Charges

YTI sells Polycold™ and Telemark™ Refrigerant Gas Replacement Charges. From the smallest P20 to PFC1102 and any model in between. POLYCOLD™ PCT, P and PFC SERIES. Standard Charges and ‘02 Series Charges.

We also warehouse a complete inventory of OEM replacement parts and refurbished units.

YTI has 25 years experience providing service for Polycold™ and Telemark™ Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems. Our staff of service engineers are fully trained and offer you the highest quality service in the best turnaround possible for new installations, preventive maintenance or emergency service.

Call YTI today to order your Polycold™ refrigerant replacement charges and inquire about our Polycold™ and Telemark™ service.

www.yticryogenics.com 860 429-1908 sales@ytionline.com

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