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Plasma Diagnostics for the Researcher

Hiden Analytical mass spectrometers provide direct realtime plasma monitoring for analysis of both process ion and process neutral species, addressing a pressure range from 10E-3 mbar to atmosphere and all featuring our latest, fastest Series 8 PC interface. All systems are fully compatible with Windows 7 and XP operating systems.

The EQ/PS Series offer optional positive/negative ion or positive ion-only measurement of process ion intensity, mass and ion energy, the pulse ion counting detector giving a continuous dynamic range of a full seven decades. Atomic mass range is up to 1000 amu with energy ranges of +/-100 eV and +/-1000 eV. The advanced low-diameter ion transfer optic enables deep penetration of the sampling orifice up to 750 mm within the process chamber. Multiple scan modes provides scanning of all key parameters for system setup optimisation, including scanning of mass range, process ion energy, electron multiplier voltage against ion intensity. An internal electron bombardment ion source enables ionisation of neutral species.

Pressure reduction stages with turbomolecular pumping are used to maintain mass spectrometer operation in a UHV environment – single stage, double stage or triple stage dependent on the process pressure. System options include magnetic screening, integrated driven electrodes, electron attachment mode for electro-negative species, linear motion drives and water cooling for high-power applications.

Applications include diverse areas of plasma etching, deposition, coating and process development including atmospheric plasma needle performance quantification.

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Posted by: Hiden Analytical Limited 
January 29th, 2013 at 16:18

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