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Photonchina Inc. 

With the engineers team of over 10 years experience, Photonchina continuously offers customer optical, crystal and passive devices solution in the field of high precision optics and fiber communications.

Photonchina focuses on supplying high preccision products and passive devices with high quality and very competitive price,range from Cylindrical Lens, Prism, YVO4, LiNbO3 to Fiber Isolator, Collimator Circulator.

Combination of the sophisticated instruments such as goniometer, interferometer, spectrophotometer and the knowledge of ISO10110, US Military Standard, productions from the first cut to final products in Photonchina are strictly complied with ISO 9001 system.

In the past decade, people of Photonchina have gained priceless experience in meeting and exceeding customer needs, which would certainly help them make more excellent performance in cooperating with customers worldwide in the next ten years.


Location: China
Address: 15 Binzhou Road,Jinshan Industrial park, Canshan District,Fuzhou
Telephone: +86 591 83701479
Fax: +86 591 83701478

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