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Partnership with Thin Film Consulting to Offer IONIX® planar Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes

Nova Fabrica are pleased to announce a Distributor agreement with Thin Film Consulting, to offer IONIX® planar magnetron sputtering cathodes in the Northern Europe.

IONIX® planar magnetron sputtering cathodes ( offer higher target utilisation, application tailored magnetic packs, compatibility with DC, MF AC, HIPIMS and RF power modes. They can be easily integrated through adaptable and application minded design, which exhibits flexible architecture, advanced direct and indirect target cooling, internal or flange mounting, easy interfacing through the use of standard KF, ISO, CF, etc. interfaces.

IONIX® cathodes are compact, flexible, convenient to use and economical solutions, which can be readily integrated into new as well as existing machines. IONIX® cathodes deliver stable processes via advanced design features, such as cooling, hidden anode, unique built-in reactive gas injection.

Coupled with Nova Fabrica broad experience and leading market position in process component solutions, collaboration with Thin Film Consulting places Nova Fabrica at the forefront in offering the broadest industry range of performance and application specific designs and packages that provide a total solution for high performance sputtering processes.

About Nova Fabrica Ltd.:

Nova Fabrica Ltd. is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier for process monitoring and control solutions for thin film applications based on plasma PVD and CVD. The FloTron™ systems have a proven track record facilitating breakthroughs deposition of functional coatings (optical, decorative, photovoltaic, etc.). For more information on plasma monitoring and reactive sputtering process control technology, visit Nova Fabrica’s web sites at and

About Thin Film Consulting:

Thin Film Consulting, is a Germany based premier supplier of magnetron technology that is used to produce thin films through the “sputtering” process. Sputtering is used to manufacture advanced products, such as compact disks, energy efficient architectural glass, optical components, flat panel displays and microelectronic devices. The company has a worldwide business presence and is headquartered in Grafenberg, Germany. For more information on IONIX® planar magnetron sputtering cathodes, visit Thin Film Consulting at

Source: Nova Fabrica


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February 4th, 2015 at 15:03

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