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Oxford Instruments Systems used for Black Si PV Research at Anhalt University

The Anhalt University of Applied Sciences based in Köthen, Germany recently purchased an Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro® System100 ICP 65 tool to undertake PV research in the field of crystalline silicon solar cells using Black Si processes. Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology has developed a number of processes for the production of photovoltaics using our flexible tools and with key technologies. The PlasmaPro System100 ICP 65 is ideal for this type of research, with key features including an extended process temperature range from cryo to up to 400ºC, and the possibility to upgrade ICP-CVD technology at a later point of time.

Comments Prof. Dr. Bernhard from Anhalt University, “A maskless silicon dry etch process can be used to texturise the surface of a silicon substrate to create Black-Si. The reduced reflectivity provides greater potential for light trapping in the cells. Using a dry etch process to create the surface texture is independent of the crystal structure of the silicon substrate and can be applied to one side of the wafer. We chose the PlasmaPro System as it offers all the capabilities we require for our research.”

“The proven versatility of the Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro System100 tool made it the ‘system of choice’ for Anhalt University’s Black Si PV research using tuned etch processes”, says Mark Vosloo, Sales, Marketing and CS Director, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology. “Our cutting-edge equipment provides a sound basis for applied academic research, and we pride ourselves on being involved in providing process solutions for the micro- and nanometre engineering of materials for many applications including PV.”

Source: Oxford Instruments


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Posted by: VCi News Desk 
January 15th, 2013 at 21:08

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