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Mustang Vacuum Systems Releases New PVD / PACVD Tribological Coating Equipment Range

Mustang Vacuum Systems announces the launch of its latest generation of Tribo series PVD and PACVD deposition systems. State-of-the-art wear resistant functional/decorative coatings may be produced using a range of multiple cathode, planar & rotating deposition source configurations (incl. steered arc, magnetron sputter, HIPIMS, electron beam/thermal evaporation and plasma assisted CVD) in combination with DC, pulsed DC, AC & RF power. These systems allow the widest range of film architectures, including monolithic, multi-layer, nano-layer and nano-composites, at leading throughput levels.

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Posted by: Mustang Vacuum Systems 
July 23rd, 2013 at 12:50

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