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Micropole (TM) quadrupole Residual Gas Analyser (RGA)

The Micropole™ Residual Gas Analyzer is one of the smallest complete mass spectrometer systems available, with the world’s most miniaturized ever sensor head. The compact size is achieved by the patented design of miniature array of quadrupole mass filters. The array offers similar or greater sensitivity than conventional mass spectrometers but in a fraction of the volume. The system is capable of operating at much higher pressures than traditional systems, so the need for additional differential pumping equipment is reduced.

The sensors are factory pre-tuned and calibrated against transfer standards which allows direct interchangeability of the sensor by the user without the need for technical expertise to calibrate.

It is possible to take data without a PC when you use the Monitor Controller with 3.5” LCD. Up to eight Micropole systems can be networked and controlled using RS-485 or Ethernet communication.


- Extremely compact size and lightweight: 1/20th size when compared to conventional residual gas analyzers makes it easy to integrate to your system.

- High performance: Mini array of 9 quadrupoles gives excellent sensitivity at a fraction of the volume of traditional quadrupoles.

- High pressure operation: Can be used at up to 0.9Pa (7mTorr, 9 x 10-3mbar)in many applications the need for expensive vacuum pumping is reduced or eliminated.

- Interchangeable Sensor Head in calibration: The sensor heads are pre-tuned and calibrated prior to shipment allowing the user to make sensor changes in the field without the need for fine tuning or technical expertise.

- Network Sensors: Up to eight sensors can be monitored by a single PC using RS-485. The systems can also be monitored remotely over Ethernet.

- User friendly software: Micropole Scanner™ software allows the user to monitor partial pressures of gases in various modes e.g. trend graph, analog graph, leak mode, bar graph, 3D…

- Monitor Controller: The optional Monitor Controller can be used on the chamber mounted directly on the Spectrum Generator, allowing the user to monitor the vacuum chamber without the need for a PC.

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