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Metal Oxide Coatings for Dental Implants: What is Important?

P.N. Rojas, G. Ramírez, A. Almaguer, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, R. Olivares-Navarrete, Georgia Institute of Technology, P. Silva-Bermudez, S. Muhl, S.E. Rodil (, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Metal alloys are widely used in biomedical devices and components, especially as hard tissue replacements as well as in cardiac and cardiovascular applications, because of their desirable properties, such as relatively low modulus, good fatigue strength, toughness, formability and machinability and bioinertia. However, they are still far from the ideal biomaterial. Some of the issues that need to be improved are corrosion resistance in body fluids, improving the cell-surface interactions in order to promote a specific cell response (bioactivity instead of bioinertia), such as, bone-growth or antibacterial properties. Similarly, for some applications the tribological response needs to be improved, reducing friction coefficients and increasing the wear resistance. Remarkably, all these requirements are associated to surface-related-properties instead of bulk properties. Therefore a recent proposal has been the development of different surface treatments for the currently used metallic alloys. One popular method of surface modification involves the deposition of coatings or thin films, which allows the selective modification of the surface-mechanical and biological properties of conventional materials retaining their bulk properties. Obviously, the purpose of the coating material is to improve all the fails of the metallic implants, otherwise the costs will not be attractive. It means that the coatings have to be smartly engineered to fulfill the different requirements.


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Posted by: Sandra Rodil
May 27th, 2011 at 05:17

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