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MC050: 2-inch mutli process reactor MOCVD, ALD, RTP & RTCVD

The Annealsys MC050 is a 2-inch CVD reactor with multi process capabilities including DLI-MOCVD, DLI-ALD, RTP and RTCVD. It has been especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units and allows running several processes in sequence inside the same process chmaber.

The DLI (direct liquid injection) vaporizer offers the widest range of chemical precursor utilization. The MC050 allows doing heteroepitaxy of oxides on single crystals wafers by MOCVD using solid and liquid organometallic precursors.

The infrared lamp heating system provides in-situ annealing process capability in the deposition chamber.

The MC050 system can be provided with one or several direct injection vaporizers allowing the widest range of utilization of precursors for development of new materials.

Applications: Oxides, nitrides, metals and alloys, III-V, II-VI

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