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jobaTEC GmbH 

jobaTEC is a leading European supplier of engineering services, equipment and components for the thin-film and high vacuum industry. As a certified service partner we support our customers throughout Europe with an individual maintenance concept.

We design, manufacture and install:
- coatings systems for precision optics
- Inline vacuum coating systems
- Vacuum metallizing systems

Together with our partner Vergason Technology Inc., a global leader in PVD-Metallizing-Systems, we have developed the new SUPERCHROME PVD COATING. Unlike conventional PVD coatings, SUPERCHROME PVD COATING requires no clear protective top-coat to interfere with the chrome finish. SUPERCHROME PVD COATING has all of the benefits of decorative chrome plating, without the harmful hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) compounds.


Location: Germany
Address: Werschweilerstrasse 40, 66606 Sankt Wendel
Telephone: +49-6851-903 211
Email: info@jobatec.com

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