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IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring System

The IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems (BBM) from EssentOptics represent an advanced solution for control of vacuum deposition of optical coatings. IRIS systems are designed to control the transmission or reflection spectra, and allow for layer-by-layer correction of the thin film coating. The system is based on EOS precision spectrometers designed by EssentOptics, electronic control system, and control software for measuring optical performance and visualization of measurement process on the system’s display.

The IRIS system can be configured to operate within a wide spectral range: 200-380nm, 380-740 nm, 380-1100 nm, 1000-1700 nm. The final control system comes with a selected range or a combination of ranges, depending on final requirements. The IRIS allows for accurate spectral control of layer growth on the selected spectral range during the deposition process, allowing the coating specialist to observe the change of the whole spectral curve of the deposited coatings at a real time.

The design of the system provides the ability to measure both reflection and transmission. Additionally, the calculated curves of each layer can be downloaded to the system’s software and displayed on the screen – the option is essential for comparing the calculated and actual values and stop the deposition process once the desired value is achieved.

The installation of the IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems in most cases requires no modifications to the vacuum system. The set of supplies includes all necessary connection flanges, fiber cables, and elements that are designed for the majority of operating vacuum coaters, as well as for new coaters.

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