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PlastiCoater – integrated PVD metallization

The PlastiCoater™ 200 and PlastiCoater™ 400 PVD metallization units from Impact Coatings are designed to work side-by-side with injection molding machines, creating truly integrated production units for metallized plastic parts.

An industry trend, e.g. for automotive components, is to move away from wet plating of plastic to environmentally sound PVD metallization. The small footprint of the PlastiCoater makes it easy to integrate this process in existing injection molding facilities. Molding and metallization can even be combined with automatic lacquer in compact production cells. This integrated surface treatment gives the manufacturer full control of the production flow, reducing lead-time and cost.

The productivity of the molding machine is matched in the PlastiCoater using load-lock and two process stations working in parallel. The process stations can be equipped for DC magnetron sputtering as well as plasma activation and plasma passivation. Design of the PlastiCoater ensures good coating coverage of three-dimensional objects. Typical coating materials include: Al, Cr, Cu, Ag and Au, but also alloys e.g. stainless steel and Silver MaxPhase™.

The PlastiCoater 200 and 400 are true workhorses for volume manufacturing of components, such as:

- automotive trim parts
- buttons and decorative details for appliances
- reflectors
- cosmetics packaging and other fashion details
- mirrors
- EMI shielding of electrical enclosures
- etc.

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