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InPassion® ALD from SoLayTec to be evaluated by Hanwha Q CELLS

Germany based Hanwha Q CELLS in Thalheim starts to evaluate the SoLayTec InPassion® ALD “LAB to FAB solution”. This tool will be used for the further development of high efficiency cell concepts at Hanwha Q CELLS.

Roger Görtzen, co-founder of SoLayTec and manager marketing and sales commented: “Last month in November SoLayTec announced it sold its first production machine in the U.S. for a 100MW n-type bi-facial cell line. Now also Hanwha Q CELLS decided to start the evaluation of the InPassion ALD system from SoLayTec for its high efficiency cell concepts in Thalheim.”

“Our goal is to show the solar community that the spatial ALD solution for the passivation of c-Si cells has a higher potential compared to PECVD AlOx. The biggest advantages of our spatial ALD tool compared to PECVD are a better step coverage, a stable uniformity and a layer thickness requirement of only 5 nm Al2O3. Furthermore, if in the ALD cell process flow a direct PECVD is used for the SiN capping layer an integrated annealing process can be implemented, resulting in better cell performance compared to PECVD AlOx”, comments Roger Görtzen.

“After several years of intensive discussions with Hanwha Q CELLS, SoLayTec is now proud that we have the opportunity to prove the InPassion ALD benefits on site in Thalheim”, mentions Roger Görtzen.

About SoLayTec

SoLayTec is a spin-off company of the Dutch research organisation TNO and established in 2010. The company develops, delivers and services machines for atomic layer deposition (ALD) on solar cells worldwide. The SoLayTec ALD machines are designed for mass production in the solar market. In the field of solar cell ALD equipment, SoLayTec has a leading position.

Source: SoLayTec


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January 13th, 2015 at 17:04

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