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InlineCoater 500 PVD system

Unlike traditional PVD tools, the unique design of the InlineCoater™ 500 from Impact Coatings makes it well suited for continuous production flows, by handling small loads at a very high throughput. Cycle times in the 0,5-5 minute range result is both higher productivity and lower cost than competing PVD solutions for a wide range of products.

The InlineCoater 500 is e.g. used in production of:

• decorative metal parts (eyeglasses, mobile phones, watches, etc.)
• automotive parts
• electrical components
• fuel cells
• reflectors
• EMI shielding of plastic enclosures.

The flexible platform is equipped for state-of-the-art PVD processes, e.g. magnetron sputtering, cathodic arc evaporation, HiPIMS and plasma-enhanced CVD. Reactive gases and optical control are utilized for ceramic coatings.

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