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Impact Coatings AB 

Impact Coatings is a supplier of vacuum deposition equipment for industrial surface treatment. The systems are primarily used for component manufacturing, but also in R&D operations.

We are experts in Lean PVD, production integrated physical vapor deposition. Very short cycle times and high flexibility allow the systems to be integrated in production flows. This supports customers’ efforts to realize the fundamentals of Lean Production; lead-time reduction, flow efficiency, production on demand and reduction of waste and non-value added activities.

Impact Coatings’ line of equipment includes systems for coating single components, as well as strips (reel-to-reel PVD), using various vacuum processes (sputtering, arc, HIPIMS, PECVD, etc.).


Location: Sweden
Address: Westmansgatan 29G, SE-582 16 Linköping, Sweden
Telephone: +4613359950
Email: info@impactcoatings.​se

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