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How Experts Directory Works


The main objective of the Experts Directory on VCi is to provide open and easy access to Experts in the disciplines of vacuum coating, plasma processing, thin film fabrication and nanotechnology to anyone who may need expert advice or guidance.

    Here you will be able to:

  • find profiles of Experts,
  • information about their areas of expertise,
  • their education, work history and their services;
  • publish your own Expert profile.

You will be able to contact Experts via the Expert Request form. The communication process is anonymous, which means that no contents of the request made is saved in the database.

As a small and totally independent web publisher, not restrained by parent companies or any associations, we have a dynamic edge, allowing us to act in the interests of the Experts and their users.

We do constantly look to improve our services to Experts and those who use them. Our policy is to react positively to the needs both of those who use our Directories and the Experts themselves. We are therefore always interested in our users’ feedback and suggestions.

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