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How Companies Directory works


Companies Directory

Vacuum Coating .info (VCi) Companies Directory is a leading B2B business directory serving industries involved with enabling technologies, such as vacuum coating, plasma processing, thin film fabrication and nanotechnology. The goal of VCi is to provide global buyers access to supplier resources including products, services, and company information, enabling them to make the right purchasing decisions.

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Key Benefits

  • Generate qualified sales leads.
  • Drive traffic to your company website (Search Engine Marketing).
  • Reach highly targeted and motivated buyers online.
  • Increase awareness of your brand.
  • Powerful and targeted industry reach.
  • Increase marketing efficiency.
  • Decrease marketing costs.

Listing Features

  • Company Logo – displayed in the profile as well as featured in rotation on the front page of VCi.
  • Company text.
  • Direct contact details (address, telephone, fax, email address and website URL).
  • 1 embeddable presentation (e.g. SlideShare) to enhance interaction and generate business leads.
  • 7 product/service categories: Systems, Components, Coatings, Materials, Instruments, Services & Software.
  • Region and Country categories.
  • Unlimited number of products linked to the company profile.
  • A list of products and/or services linked to your company.
  • LinkedIn Company Insider widget next to your company name.
  • A map showing your company location – (pending).
  • All controlled by you from your own log-in.

A Company Listing Example


Free of charge.

Listing a Business on VCi

Getting listed in the VCi Companies Directory is quick and easy. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Register on the website,
  2. Login and complete the form with user’s (i.e. your) personal details.
  3. List your company (can be a non profit organisation, such as a university department) by clicking on ‘My Company’ link in the ‘My Account’ sidebar on the right and completing the form.

DO’s and DON’Ts

Before you submit listings to Companies Directory, please review the below DOs and DON’Ts for help in creating effective listings that meet the criteria for VCi Companies Directory as well as expectations of the site visitors.


  1. Ensure that your listing is professional, honest and transparent.
  2. Use full company name.
  3. Select only relevant categories for your listing.
  4. Submit texts in English.
  5. Use correct grammar and spelling as well as standard punctuation and capitalization.
  6. Upload a company logo of the correct specification: file type – PNG or JPEG; minimum size – 200 x 150 pixels; aspect ratio – 4:3. Listings will not be accepted without a logo. Check that file names of the logos you upload are in Latin characters (请只使用拉丁字母).


  1. Do not use capitalisation, such as “AGFA MATERIALS”
  2. Do not use superlative phrases, such as “The Best” or “Number 1 Rated”
  3. Do not enter additional webpage links or URLs in the listing title or description.
  4. Do not include lists of equipment you have to sell in the company description. Use Products Directory for product, service and/or used equipment listings instead.

NOTE: listings that do not meet the above criteria affect negatively site visitors’ experience and for that reason will not be kept on the system.

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