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Blogs on Vacuum Coating .info

Blogs section on Vacuum Coating .info (VCi ) features articles from around the world by authors with passion, integrity, authority, and community support in vacuum coating, plasma processing, thin film fabrication and nanotechnology industries.

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What is a VCi Blog?

In general, a blog is a publicly available web article where people share their views and knowledge, which is what VCi blogs are too. VCi blogs can also be used to announce new products and services, as long as they carry the necessary level of technical detail. VCi blogs can be more informal than technical papers or press releases.

Blogs can sometimes be biased, though they can also offer a more honest and direct view than traditional communication channels. Nevertheless, they can be used as powerful public relations tools. Blogs may be written primarily for consumers (Business-to-Consumer [B2C]) or primarily for other businesses (Business-to-Business [B2B]).

Who reads VCi Blogs?

VCi Blog readers are highly targeted demographic deeply interested in technology sectors of vacuum coating, plasma processing, thin film fabrication and nanotechnology. Broad applicability of these technologies in industries spanning from semiconductor, solar, data storage, architectural glass, displays, touch screens, lighting, flexible electronics to automotive, space, aviation and hard ant-corrosion/anti-wear coatings result in audiences that count in tens of thousands. It is CEOs of technology companies, technical directors, engineers (application, process, R&D, sales, etc.), scientists and researchers alike who read and visit VCi Blogs most.


Below is a list of 10 great benefits of publishing articles on VCi:

  • Position You as an Expert
  • Direct Communications
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Relational Marketing
  • Exploit the Niches
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Low cost

Publishing a Blog on VCi

Publishing an article in the VCi Blogs section is quick and easy. Just have your media (up to 10 images, 1 Power Point presentation and 1 video [e.g. a YouTube video]) and text by hand. Then simply navigate to the Blogs section and click the ‘Post a Blog’ button, which will open the ‘Post a Blog’ form as shown below. Add the information (title, co-authors, text, embed codes) to the form and select the files to be inserted in the article. For locating the media in the article refer to the notes under the text editor. Click ‘Preview’ button at the bottom to see how your article will appear when published. Happy with the result? Then just click ‘Save Post’ button and you are finished. Otherwise click ‘Edit Post’ button and edit the article until you are happy with the end result. Best of luck!

Note: All VCi blogs go through a review process before they are published. Registered website visistors can comment on the blogs.

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