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High Pressure Residual Gas Analyser – HMT100-RC

DUAL MODE RGA systems for Vacuum Diagnostics and Process Monitoring

- Process Monitoring
- RGA/ Leak Detection
- Virtual Leaks / Desorption
- Outgassing studies
- Bakeout cycles
- Pump Performance
- Chamber / Process gas Contaminants

Hiden HMT RGA quadrupole mass spectrometers a unique dual mode RGA system examination of components present in a vessel or evolved from a process, featuring:

- HMT mode for high pressure operation to 4×10-3 Torr (min pressure 4×10-8 Torr).
- RGA mode for high sensitivity operation at P < 10-4 Torr (min pres1×10-11 Torr).
- 100 amu mass range, Remote (PC) Control interface via MASsoft HMT.
- Stability (less than ±1% height variation over 24 h).
- MASsoft HMT control via RS232, RS485 or multiple systems via Ethernet LAN.
- Fast access, mixed mode scanning e.g. Trend and Analog in multiple-windows.
- Simultaneous real time display of graphical and tabular trend analysis data.
- Cursor for peak height identification under mouse control.
- Real time background subtract, Automatic mass scale alignment.
- Data export facility to ASCII format and to all Windows devices.
- Dynamic Data Exchange facility for real time data transfer to other DDE client compatible Windows™ applications eg Excel, SPC-IV statistical process control software.

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