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UK company Henniker announces a new 1,400 sqft dedicated plasma surface treatment and testing facility in Warrington, UK.
Henniker, a world leader in Plasma Surface Treatment technology, recently opened the doors on its new purpose designed plasma surface treatment and testing facility in Warrington, UK. Following rapid expansion and an increasing demand for plasma treatments from the automotive and aerospace sectors, the new facility will allow Henniker to provide routine surface treatments, process development, and both pre- and post-treatment surface testing to its growing client base.
Plasma treatment has rapidly established itself as a key surface preparation technique in high-tech and fast paced industries. The benefits of plasma surface treatment are twofold;(i) plasmas efficiently remove organic contamination from surfaces with no harmful waste or by-products and (ii) they render many surfaces hydrophilic which in turn significantly improves their adhesion characteristics. Plasma treatment installations are currently used to improve product manufacture and finishing in areas as diverse as automotive component painting and sub-sea power connector assemblies.
In its new facility, Henniker combines state of the art plasma
treatment equipment with comprehensive surface testing facilities, including surface contamination detection and identification apparatus and also surface energy testing to ISO DIN standards using a variety of test methods such as surface test fluids and contact angle measurement techniques. The facilities are run by trained and dedicated staff with many years practical experience in plasma and surface testing techniques and are offered to new and existing clients alike to assist with free proof-of-concept trials, application support and process development services.


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Posted by: Henniker Scientific Ltd 
April 9th, 2013 at 11:03

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