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Custom Vacuum Process and Equipment

Can design and fabricate almost any equipment related to depositing or etching thin films in semiconductor, optical, materials science applications. Also space environmental chambers and equipment specific to the frequency crystal industry. Own an established equipment company with several thousand customers.


SB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS, Ph.D. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
NSF Postdoc, National Bureau of Standards

Work History:

Texas Instruments Central Research
GTE Research Laboratory
Balzers US
Perkin Elmer Corporation
Owner, Cooke Vacuum Products

Career Accomplishments:

Doctorate in surface physics
NSF Post Doctoral in surface and electron physics
Process development, CCDs, garnet devices, plasma etch, CVD
Consulting for varied applications
Operation of Cooke Vacuum since 1994.

Consulting Services:

Thin film and vacuum process and equipment of all types.

Expert Witness:

Not yet.

Market Research:

Consultant to investors, sporadic.

Additional Skills and Services:

Mechanical and electronic design and fabrication. Instrumentation solutions.


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