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Reciprocating sliding wear and corrosion resistance of hard magnetron sputtered Zr-based coatings

posted by Omar Jimenez Aleman   |  23 May 2011

Presentation of results from a study on ZrTiN(B) sputtered coatings.


Magnetron Sputter Coating

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  31 Mar 2011

Magnetron Sputter Coating by Chaoticss.


Evaporation Coating Machine

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  20 Mar 2011

Evaporation Coating Machine


Thin Film Solar Photovoltaic with new racking

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  23 Oct 2010

Thin film solar photovoltaic with new racking


RF Plasma Evolution

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  19 Oct 2010

Pressure vs. power for radio frequency plasma. Author: efvalderSource: Youtube


Magnetron Sputtering of CoFe and Permalloy

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  16 Oct 2010

“In this video you are watching the sputtering of CoFe and Permalloy on a 3 inch Si wafer. The first faint plasma is the CoFe sputtering. When the CoFe gun shuts off the screen goes dark and the Permalloy gun is turned on. The plasma from the Permalloy deposition follows [...]


Plasma Substrate Bias

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  6 Oct 2010

A pulsed DC bias applied on a rotating substrate holder in a tri-cathode sputtering coater.


Physical Vapor Desposition Tool

posted by Linas Gluosnis   |  6 Oct 2010

This is an animation of a generic PVD tool to deposit copper onto silicon wafers. The plasma etches tiny copper particles off of the target, which then fall down onto the wafer and adhere on the surface. The plasma ionizes the particles and the charged electrostatic chuck helps ensure that [...]


Coating in a Vacuum Chamber

posted by Administrator   |  3 Oct 2010

Coating in vacuum chamber – Lounaprod & Essilor


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