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1600nm Optical IR Bandpass Filter with 60nm Bandwidth

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

Substrate: soda lime float glassCenter wavelength: 1600±5nmBandwidth: 60±2nmTpeak: >85% at 1600 nmBlocking: tave


Narrow Bandpass Filters 254nm

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

BP254/12 UV bandpass optical filterDescriptionMaterial: UV grade fused silicaCenter wavelength: 254+/-3nmBandwidth: 12+/-2nmTpeak:>15%Blocking: >OD3 over 200-3500nmDimension: Dia.12.7X4.3(mounted), custom upon requestCoating Technology: metal-dielectric combination, hard oxide coatingFeature: Long lifetime, good environmental stability


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