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Non-Polarising Beamsplitter

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

The beamsplitters consist of a pair of precision right angle prisms which are carefully cemented gogether to minimize the wavefront distortion. One hypotenuse of the prism is coated with a metal-dielectric hybrid multi-layers to form a polarization-insensitive beamsplitter over a broadband wavelength. To minimize the surface reflection loss, all input [...]


IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring System

EssentOptics Ltd 

The IRIS Broadband Optical Monitoring Systems (BBM) from EssentOptics represent an advanced solution for control of vacuum deposition of optical coatings. IRIS systems are designed to control the transmission or reflection spectra, and allow for layer-by-layer correction of the thin film coating. The system is based on EOS precision spectrometers [...]


Photon RT Spectrophotometer

EssentOptics Ltd 

The PHOTON RT multifunction research spectrophotometers are designed to measure various optical characteristics of planar components and coatings in the spectral range from 200 to 4000 nm, depending on the model.The configuration of the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer in many respects changes the approach to the simplicity and speed of measurements. [...]


The Impedans APL System Advanced Langmuir Probe

Impedans Ltd 

The Impedans Advanced Langmuir Probe (ALP) System provides a powerful diagnostic for measuring key plasma parameters in low and medium pressure discharges.High Resolution Plasma Characterisation is possible with the state-of-the-art Langmuir Probe and ALP Control Unit electronics. Using an intelligent pre-scan feature, the optimal plasma parameter measurements can be performed [...]


The Impedans Octiv VI Probe

Impedans Ltd 

The Impedans Octiv Single Frequency VI Probe measures the Voltage, Current, Phase, Impedance, Harmonics, Real Power, Forward Power and Reflected Power delivered to a plasma chamber by an RF source. Octiv is a single frequency, inline RF VI Probe. The probe contains an RF VI sensor and high speed [...]


The Impedans Semion™ System

Impedans Ltd 

The Impedans Semion ™Process Ion Energy and Ion Flux Analysis SystemThe Semion™ Retarding Field Energy Analyzer System is designed to measure both the Ion Flux and Ion Energy on a biased surface in a plasma chamber. The RFEA Probe can be mounted on an electrode/substrate holder, or in a dummy [...]


PVD PECVD PLUS Series Coating System


Fully Equipped Concept PVD PECVD PLUS seriesA new season for the Vacuum Coating Machines is beginning. The company located in Milan is offering fully equipped coaters with plasma, PECVD, thermal co-evaporators, sputtering: in one single station. Kolzer’s revolutionary vacuum deposition systems deposit uniform thin-film coatings onto any kind of substrates, [...]


Impedans SEMION™ for pulsed plasma diagnostics

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

Impedans Semion™ retarding field ion energy and flux analysers feature an integrated time resolved operation mode for high time resolution studies of technological plasmas.Pulsed plasmas are routinely used in a wide range of nano-materials processing and production, from plasmapolymerised surfaces to super-hard tribiological coatings, and there is a fundamental requirement [...]


ZZS Series Box-Type Vacuum Coating Systems

Grace&K Technologies 

ZZS-Series are box-type semiautomatic vacuum coating systems. They features powerful vacuum pumping system, super-vacumm coating quality, easy operation and low cost to fit your budget.Specifications:*Resistance Evaporation electrodes: 2 pairs*Electron Beam Gun: 1pcs 5-8KW (optional)*Ultimate Vacuum: 3×10-4 Pa*Substrate Rotation Speed: 0~30rpm*Bake Temperature: Room temperature~350 °C*Thickness Control (optional)*Operation Mode: Manual/semi-automatic switchableTypical [...]


Pulsed Laser Deposition Systems

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

Our Pulsed Laser Deposition Systems combine state-of-the-art functions and features in a compact, versatile platform that would form the centre-piece of any R&D facility.Base Model:– PLD chamber for 1 inch samples- 5-Axis UHV Sample Holder with substrate rotation, heating, cooling, and integrated quartz balance- 6 target stepper motor controlled [...]


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