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Photon RT Spectrophotometer

EssentOptics Ltd 

The PHOTON RT multifunction research spectrophotometers are designed to measure various optical characteristics of planar components and coatings in the spectral range from 200 to 4000 nm, depending on the model.The configuration of the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer in many respects changes the approach to the simplicity and speed of measurements. [...]


Pulsed Laser Deposition Systems

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

Our Pulsed Laser Deposition Systems combine state-of-the-art functions and features in a compact, versatile platform that would form the centre-piece of any R&D facility.Base Model:– PLD chamber for 1 inch samples- 5-Axis UHV Sample Holder with substrate rotation, heating, cooling, and integrated quartz balance- 6 target stepper motor controlled [...]


Thin Film (PVD) Deposition Systems

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

Our PVD systems are the very latest concept in cost effective R&D. The TRI-DEP is a multi-technique sputtering/thermal/e-beam evaporation system. The CLAM II is our feature rich sputtering system.TRI-DEP:-A multi-source PVD system which can be configured with varous sources or mixtures of sources for: * Magnetron Sputter [...]


Extrel MAX-UF Series, Ultra-Fast Scanning Mass Spectrometers

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

The Extrel MAX-UF Series quadrupole mass spectrometers from Henniker Scientific now feature enhanced scanning mode delivering acquisition speeds in excess of 1000amu/sec.Full range measurement over 10 decades is now possible with fractional mass unit detail at 80usec per data point, addressing a diverse range of fast transient studies in atomic [...]


MAX300-LG MIMS: Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

The MAX300-LG Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometer (MIMS) for the analysis of both gases and dissolved gases in liquids.As standard it is configured with our highest specification 19mm quadrupole rod set, dual Faraday/Electron Multiplier detectors, temperature stabilised ion source, and 4 channel chemically inert auto-controlled inlet valve (expandable to 16 streams). [...]


IS40E1 Focussed Ion Gun for SIMS/XPS

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

The IS 40E1 scanning ion source is a two lens extractor type focussed ion gun for depth profiling in SIMS/XPS/ESCA applications.The two lens system allows easy and continuous variation of spot size over the primary energy range of 0.15 keV to 5 keV and with beam current density of up [...]


MAX SIMS: High Specification SIMS Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

The MAX-SIMS quadrupole mass spectrometer is a high performance bolt-on instrument for static SIMS, dynamic SIMS, SNMS and depth profiling. It is ideal for surface analysis across a wide range of materials and thin films.Featuring our highest performance 19mm triple quadrupole mass filter with 4000amu mass range, low noise conversion [...]


MAX300-LG: Quantitative Gas Analyser

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

The MAX300-LG is a fully automated Quantitative Gas Analyser for complex gas mixture analysis over the full dynamic range 100% to less than 10ppb.Quantitative Gas Analysis demands an analyser with exceptional stability & repeatability characteristics coupled with an inlet system and analysis methods that can handle routine calibrations and background [...]


MicroVision2 TPD Mass Spectrometer

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

Microvision2 is a TPD specific quadrupole mass spectrometer having the fastest, most accurate measurement characterists over the entire dynamic measurement range.Microvision2 is available in double or triple mass filter forms (better resolution/high mass performance) and with dual Faraday/electron multiplier detectors. Patented detector technology and data acquisition methods mean that the [...]


Custom Surface Preparation & Analysis Systems

Henniker Scientific Ltd 

Our custom, multi-technique UHV systems combine a wide range of thin film deposition/growth and UHV surface analysis techniques into a single, versatile system that doesn’t cost the earth.Available as both bespoke turnkey systems and as modular add-on’s to extend the capabilities of existing equipment, they are the centre piece of [...]


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