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scratch free packaging

Alliance Corporation 

If you are not completely satisfied with your current method of packaging, we have an option for you. We proudly manufacture in the U.S. a soft protective pouch made of spunbond polypropylene. This material is breathable and will not scratch so top manufacturers of optics and jewelry plus custom coaters, [...]


DGK36 KOLZER aero-metal High-Vacuum Metallizing Plant

Carlo Gennari Metallization 

DGK36″ aero-metal High-Vacuum Metallizing PlantProducer : KOLZER – Italyconsisting of :Horizontal steel coating chamber: dia. 1000mm depth 1250mm2 (two) trolleys horizontal configuration for easy loading/unloading2 (two) rotating satellite-holders systems1 (one) 1 (one) Metallizing source1 (one) Metallizing power supply1 (one) Plasma activation & cleaning system2 (two) high-vacuum diffusion pumps 5.000 [...]


Hybrid system machine

Carlo Gennari Metallization 

Hybrid second hand system KOLZER DGK 36chamber internal diameter mm 1000chamber length mm 1100number of satellitesn°6 / 4diameter satellitesn°280 / 330Working length satellitesmm1005plasma sourcesn°max 2sources PECVD-yesempty timemin4Pump flow ROOTSmc / h2000Command automatic cycle-yesCooling waterL / h600Installed electric powerkW30Electric energy consumptionkW15system weightkg2000PLANT ENGINEERINGThe plant Sputtering DGK 36 diameter 1000 mm was [...]


SantoVac 7 High Vacuum PPE Diffusion Pump Fluid

Santolubes LLC 

SantoVac® 7 is the latest in the family of performance vacuum fluids. It was created with the mission of providing a cost effective solution for commercial vacuum system engineers that exploits the benefits of using PPE technology SantoVac® 7 vacuum diffusion pump fluid provides durability, long-life and reliable performance and [...]


24/7 Emergency Service

Yeagle Technology Inc 

YTI has expanded it’s 24/7 Emergency Service for vacuum equipment nation wide. An exceptional staff and support organization of fully trained service engineers will provide comprehensive field service anywhere in the continental United States. A complete array of test equipment in each service vehicle allows us to diagnose [...]


940nm bandpass filter with 30nm bandwidth

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

Center Wavelength: 940+/-5nmBandwidth: 30+/-5nmTpeak: >90%Blocking: T


850nm optical filter with 30nm bandwidth

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

Center Wavelength: 850+/-5nmBandwidth: 30+/-5nmTpeak: >90%Blocking: T


Sensor solutions for recative sputtering and plasma processing

Nova Fabrica Ltd. 

Essentially all sensor types used for reactive deposition (magnetron sputtering or evaporation) are geared towards direct or indirect gas and/or vapor composition analysis, monitoring and provision of feedback signals on the basis of which control signals for actuating devices (e.g. mass flow controllers and power supplies) are derived. The following [...]


FloTron X series process control systems

Nova Fabrica Ltd. 

FloTron™ X is an extended range (200 – 1100 nm) fast spectrometer-based multiple channel process control system for technological plasma-based processes, such as reactive magnetron sputtering. FloTron™ X systems were designed to provide enhanced sensitivity and they therefore surpass others at providing reliable signals for even the small cathodes (e.g. [...]


FloTron series process control systems

Nova Fabrica Ltd. 

FloTron™ – a high speed multiple channel process control system for reactive magnetron sputtering and ion/plasma processing. FloTron™ systems are available in three sizes S, M & L and can be configured for single or multiple (2 to 7) zone large area processing. They are therefore well suitable for both [...]


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