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940nm bandpass filter with 30nm bandwidth

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

Center Wavelength: 940+/-5nmBandwidth: 30+/-5nmTpeak: >90%Blocking: T


850nm optical filter with 30nm bandwidth

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

Center Wavelength: 850+/-5nmBandwidth: 30+/-5nmTpeak: >90%Blocking: T


Sensor solutions for recative sputtering and plasma processing

Nova Fabrica Ltd. 

Essentially all sensor types used for reactive deposition (magnetron sputtering or evaporation) are geared towards direct or indirect gas and/or vapor composition analysis, monitoring and provision of feedback signals on the basis of which control signals for actuating devices (e.g. mass flow controllers and power supplies) are derived. The following [...]


FloTron X series process control systems

Nova Fabrica Ltd. 

FloTron™ X is an extended range (200 – 1100 nm) fast spectrometer-based multiple channel process control system for technological plasma-based processes, such as reactive magnetron sputtering. FloTron™ X systems were designed to provide enhanced sensitivity and they therefore surpass others at providing reliable signals for even the small cathodes (e.g. [...]


FloTron series process control systems

Nova Fabrica Ltd. 

FloTron™ – a high speed multiple channel process control system for reactive magnetron sputtering and ion/plasma processing. FloTron™ systems are available in three sizes S, M & L and can be configured for single or multiple (2 to 7) zone large area processing. They are therefore well suitable for both [...]


COPRA LS9 Plasma Beam Source – refurbished

CCR Technology GmbH 

COPRA LS9The COPRA LS9 was first released in the year of 2004, especially developed for the encapsulation of OLEDs. Today it is a working horse for all kinds of plasma processing like PECVD, chemical etching and bias enhanced ion milling on flat substrates of a size up to 360mm times [...]


NanoFlex 400


TECHNICAL AND DECORATIVE PVD – PECVD SYSTEMSThanks to advanced flexibility different technologies – CAE, MagnetronSputtering, PECVD – can be installed before purchase and in the future,according different customer needs.- Flexible- Loading door on the top- Many configurations- Interface with other systems- Ø 850 x 550 mm – Chamber size- 400 [...]


Graphite & carbon insulation


New supplier of graphite insulation.Rolls of felt, PAN and Rayon in graphite (2000C heat treat) and carbon (1200C heat treat) in thicknesses of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch in stock.Rigidized boards stocked in sizes 60×40 inch, in thicknesses of 1, 1.5 and 2 inches with foil on both sides.CFC [...]


COPRA Plasma Beam Source

CCR Technology GmbH 

COPRA Plasma SourcesThe unique feature of the COPRA Plasma Source Technology is the high degree of plasma excitation efficiency in combination with scalability from R&D to any kind of industrial production scale. Process engineers know the crux of the necessity to redesign the hardware in plasma processing whilst moving to [...]


DektakXT Surface Profile Measuring System

Bruker-Nano, Inc. 

The DektakXT stylus profilers from Bruker-Nano has been widely accepted as a superior solution for measuring thin film thickness and stress, as well as surface roughness in a wide range of settings, from educational research verification to semiconductor process control. More recently, the DektakXT stylus surface profiling systems have served [...]


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