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850nm optical filter with 30nm bandwidth

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. 

Center Wavelength: 850+/-5nmBandwidth: 30+/-5nmTpeak: >90%Blocking: T


Sensor solutions for recative sputtering and plasma processing

The University of Sheffield 

Essentially all sensor types used for reactive deposition (magnetron sputtering or evaporation) are geared towards direct or indirect gas and/or vapor composition analysis, monitoring and provision of feedback signals on the basis of which control signals for actuating devices (e.g. mass flow controllers and power supplies) are derived. The following [...]


FloTron X series process control systems

The University of Sheffield 

FloTron™ X is an extended range (200 – 1100 nm) fast spectrometer-based multiple channel process control system for technological plasma-based processes, such as reactive magnetron sputtering. FloTron™ X systems were designed to provide enhanced sensitivity and they therefore surpass others at providing reliable signals for even the small cathodes (e.g. [...]


FloTron series process control systems

The University of Sheffield 

FloTron™ – a high speed multiple channel process control system for reactive magnetron sputtering and ion/plasma processing. FloTron™ systems are available in three sizes S, M & L and can be configured for single or multiple (2 to 7) zone large area processing. They are therefore well suitable for both [...]


Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) – Consulting

Maxima Sciences LLC 

We offer technical consulting on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). If you are planning to incorporate ALD coatings into a new product or upgrade an existing one let our ALD expert answer your questions. We can provide knowledge on commercial ALD systems, specific coatings or facilitate ALD coatings for product testing. [...]


Pre-Owned Vacuum Equipment

Yeagle Technology Inc 

Yeagle Technology Inc is the place to find the highest quality in pre-owned vacuum equipment to meet your precision requirements. We sustain an extensive inventory of bell jars and box coaters equipped with electron beam sources and/or thermal deposition sources. We also maintain a variety of load-lock, in-line [...]


Vacuum Deposition Systems

Yeagle Technology Inc 

YTI manufactures state-of-the-art vacuum deposition systems. More than thirty years of hands on experience and extensive knowledge in vacuum technology allows our engineers to analyze your process and offer sound, equitable solutions for your requirements. We work closely with our customes to ensure design integrity as the system [...]



Photonchina Inc. 

Specifications: Parameter P Grade A GradeConfiguration Port 1 to Port2 to Port 3Operation Wavelength (nm) 1310±30 or 1550±30 or 1585±30Insertion Loss (dB) Typical 0.6 0.8 Maximum 0.8 1.0Channel Peak Isolation (dB) >50Channel Minimum Isolation(dB) >40Channel Cross Talk (dB) >50Polarization Dependent Loss (dB)



Photonchina Inc. 

Chemical Formula Tb3Ga5O12Lattice Parameter a=12.355ÅGrowth Method CzocralskiDensity 7.13g/cm3Mohs Hardness 8.0Melting Point 1725oCRefractive Index 1.954 at 1064nmThermal Conductivity 9.4×10-6oC-1Verdet Constant 0.12min/ at 1064nm



Photonchina Inc. 

Specifications:Material: BK7Diameter Tolerance: +0.0/-0.2mmAngle Tolerance: ±3 arc minutesFlatness: /2 @ 632.8nmSurface Quality: 60/40Clear Aperture: >80%Bevel:


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