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Niobium Sputtering Target

Baoji Lihua Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. 

Niobium Sputtering Target, Niobium Evaporation Material, Niobium granuleMaterial: RO4200, RO4210, R4261 (Nb1%ZR)Size:circular targets: Diameter 25mm up to 400mm x Thickness 3mm up to 28mmrectangular targets: Thickness 1mm up to 12.7mm x Width up to 600mm x Length [...]


Tantalum Sputtering Target

Baoji Lihua Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. 

Tantalum sputtering target Tantalum- tungsten Alloy targetMaterial: RO5200, RO5400, RO5252(Ta-2.5W), RO5255(Ta-10W)Size:circular targets: Diameter 25mm up to 400mm x Thickness 3mm up to 28mmrectangular targets: Thickness 1mm up to 12.7mm x Width up to 600mm x Length up to 2000mmPurity: [...]


VTI PS4000


The Press Side® 4000SL is the industry’s premier sputtering system, capable of depositing nearly any metal or alloy over plastic or glass components with unprecedented speed and reliability.Our entire Press-Side® line of Rapid Cycle Metallizers are designed for keeping synchronous pace with medium to high volume injection molding operations. These [...]


MODION® Ion Pump

J.B. Anderson & Son, Inc. 

MODION® ion pumps, formerly of Kernco, Inc., are now manufactured and sold by J.B. Anderson & Son, Inc. of Irwin, Pennsylvania. Pumps are in stock and available via our website, Custom applications including pumps, power supplies, and thermal vacuum chambers are also available to customer specs.


sputtering targets

Able Target Limited 

Able Target Limited can give you various choice on vacuum coating, PVD, CVD materials:- Pure Metal sputtering targets- Alloy Sputtering Targets- Ceramic Sputtering Targets- Rare Earth metal- Rare Earth Nitride- Evaporation materials- Precious Alloys- Borides- Carbides- Fluorides targets- Nitrides targets- Silicides targetsothersBesides, Able Target Ltd can also provide sputtering targets [...]


Magnetron Sputter version of Opera finite element analysis toolsuite

Cobham Technical Services 

Cobham Technical Services has launched the first comprehensive simulation solution for designing magnetron sputter coaters. The new software tool provides precision simulation of the complete sputtering process, offering a highly practical means of improving sputter target utilisation, plasma formation and thin film deposition.The new software – the latest application design [...]


scratch free packaging

Alliance Corporation 

If you are not completely satisfied with your current method of packaging, we have an option for you. We proudly manufacture in the U.S. a soft protective pouch made of spunbond polypropylene. This material is breathable and will not scratch so top manufacturers of optics and jewelry plus custom coaters, [...]


DGK36 KOLZER aero-metal High-Vacuum Metallizing Plant


DGK36″ aero-metal High-Vacuum Metallizing PlantProducer : KOLZER – Italyconsisting of :Horizontal steel coating chamber: dia. 1000mm depth 1250mm2 (two) trolleys horizontal configuration for easy loading/unloading2 (two) rotating satellite-holders systems1 (one) 1 (one) Metallizing source1 (one) Metallizing power supply1 (one) Plasma activation & cleaning system2 (two) high-vacuum diffusion pumps 5.000 [...]


Hybrid system machine


Hybrid second hand system KOLZER DGK 36Chamber internal diameter – 1000 mmChamber length – 1100 mmNumber of satellites – n° 6 / 4Diameter satellites – n° 280 / 330Working length satellites – 1005 mmPlasma sources – n° max 2Sources PECVD – yesEmpty time – 4minPump flow ROOTS -  2000 mc [...]


24/7 Emergency Service

Yeagle Technology Inc 

YTI has expanded it’s 24/7 Emergency Service for vacuum equipment nation wide. An exceptional staff and support organization of fully trained service engineers will provide comprehensive field service anywhere in the continental United States. A complete array of test equipment in each service vehicle allows us to diagnose [...]


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