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Spray CVD system: 2-inch aerosol CVD system


The Annealsys Spray-CVD-050 is a 2-inch Spray CVD (aerosol CVD) reactor especially developed to meet the requirements of research and development units. The infrared lamp heating system provides in-situ rapid thermal annealing process capability inside the deposition chamber. The system can be equipped with Kemstream Atokit for the precursor atomization [...]


AS-One: 4-inch and 6-inch RTP systems


4-inch (100 mm) and 6-inch (150 mm) wafer capability Floor standing system for reduced footprint From room temperature up to 1500°C High reliability and low cost of ownership Stainless steel cold wall chamber technology: High process reproducibility Ultra clean and contamination-free environment High cooling rates and low memory effect Pyrometer [...]


AS-Micro: 3-inch RTP system


Three-inch benchtop rapid thermal processorDedicated to research applications Sample size: few square millimeters up to 3-inch Optional 3-inch susceptor for 2-inch sample Quartz tube with stainless steel flanges process chamber Tubular infrared halogen lamps furnace Very fast ramp rates (> 250°C/s) Vacuum capability and optional turbo pump Horizontal motion door [...]


QCM Sensor Heads and Crystals from YTI

Yeagle Technology Inc 

YTI offers both digital and analog quartz crystal sensor heads. The sensor heads are compatible with all Sloan and Kronos crystals and crystal monitors. The sensor heads are machined stainless steel with a 1/8 ” water channel for cooling lines. The quick change crystal holder eliminates the need for special [...]


INTELLITROL Series of Automatic Valve Controllers – AVC100

Yeagle Technology Inc 

The INTELLITROL Series of Automatic Valve Controllers provide total control of all basic vacuum operations. The microprocessor based controller provides reliable one button operation for fully automatic valve sequencing, protected manual mode to prevent mis-valving during manual operations, and service mode for complete manual operation. The intelligent layout of the [...]


SIMS Workstation , a UHV Surface Analysis System, for thin film depth profiling

Hiden Analytical Limited 

A rugged general purpose SIMS and SNMS analysis station:- Rapid turnaround of all types of samples- Static and dynamic SIMS- Integral ioniser for SNMS and RGA- Choice of Ion guns- SNMS surface mapping / imaging- Surface contamination analysis- Quantification of matrix level by SNMS- Flexible and upgradeable configuration- Low cost [...]


EQS, a Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer bolt on SIMS Analyser

Hiden Analytical Limited 

State of the art, bolt-on SIMS probe for integration into your existing UHV surface science chamber. Applications Include: – Static / Dynamic SIMS with energy analysis- Integral front end ioniser for RGA- Composition / contamination analysis- Depth profiling- Leak detection and desorbed gas analysis- Compatible with Hiden SIMS Workstation- Suitable [...]


Hiden Ion Milling Probe – End Point Detector

Hiden Analytical Limited 

The only dedicated end point determination tool for ion etch control and optimum process quality. Applications Include: – End point Analysis- Target Impurity Determination- Quality Control / SPC- Residual Gas Analysis- Leak DetectionThe IMP is a differentially pumped, ruggedized secondary ion mass spectrometer for the analysis of secondary ions and [...]


EQP – Mass and Energy Analyser for Plasma Diagnostics

Hiden Analytical Limited 

Complete energy resolved mass speciation and mass resolved energy analysis of all species in your plasma:- Positive ions, Negative Ions, Neutral Radicals and Neutrals analysis.- Etching / Deposition Studies- Ion implantation / Laser Ablation- Residual Gas Analysis / Leak Detection- Plasma electrode coupling – follow electrode conditions during operation.- Analysis [...]


ESPion, an Advanced Langmuir Probe for Plasma Diagnostics

Hiden Analytical Limited 

The most advanced and reliable Langmuir Probe available for:- Etching / Deposition / Cleaning Plasma Processes- Pulsed plasma operation.- Ion collection (Ni & Gi)- Electron retardation (Te & EEDF)- Electron collection (Ne).- Plasma Potential.- Debye Length, floating potential- Ion fluxThe ESPion advanced Langmuir probe for rapid, reliable and accurate plasma [...]


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