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“Nanofics” Global Nanocoating Licensees for Handheld Electronic Devices, Announced by Europlasma NV

VCi News Desk    |  25 Nov 2012

Belgium-based Europlasma NV, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of low-pressure plasma equipment since 1993, would like to publicly announce its current list of “Nanofics” patented and patent pending nanocoating technology licensees for retail of handheld electronic devices.“Nanofics” refers to nano-scaled functionalization into the core of complex shaped [...]


Power Semiconductor Industry Leader Chooses Denton Vacuum Integrity® Production Scale PVD Systems

VCi News Desk    |  25 Nov 2012

Denton Vacuum LLC, a leading global supplier of production scale thin film technology systems, announced it has shipped and qualified two Integrity® e-beam evaporation systems for a major power semiconductor manufacturer based in North America. Power semiconductors control and convert electricity in electronic systems; they are increasingly critical in industries [...]


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES introduces its new Vacuum Deposition System ROTARIS for Semiconductor and other R&D Applications

VCi News Desk    |  25 Nov 2012

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) introduces a new universal sputter deposition machine to the market under the product name ROTARIS. The new system has been designed especially for research and development in the semiconductor industry and other more general applications. The ROTARIS will be introduced at the Semicon Japan trade fair in [...]


SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES Signs Agreement on possible Outsourcing of Parts of its Mastering Activities

VCi News Desk    |  25 Nov 2012

Kahl am Main, November 23, 2012 – SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES (SINGULUS) has reached an agreement (Letter of Intent) with the Dutch VDL Groep, Eindhoven, on a possible outsourcing of parts of its mastering activities.The agreement was jointly signed on November 22, 2012 and presented to the employees in the Netherlands. The [...]


Heat3-PS Dual Mode Sample Heater Supply for Surface Science Applications

Henniker Scientific Ltd    |  7 Nov 2012

The Heat3-PS Dual Mode Sample Heater Supply fromHenniker Scientific is a compact, PID regulated powersupply designed for accurate control of sample heatingin a wide range of surface science experiments.Featuring dual mode resistive and electron beam heatingmodes, the Heat3-PS delivers 1.5kW heating power tocontrol sample heating from cryogenic temperatures to2,470K with [...]


Beneq establishes full-fledged operations in Russia

VCi News Desk    |  4 Nov 2012

Beneq, world-leading provider of thin film coating equipment for research and industry, has today announced its plans to establish operations in Russia and the CIS.Following the investment of 25 million euros in Beneq by RUSNANO in April 2012, and as a part of its planned expansion into existing and emerging [...]


PixelTec Patterned Optics Now Available with High-Precision Bandpass Filters

Halma plc    |  1 Oct 2012

Golden, Colorado (October 1, 2012) – Ocean Thin Films now provides its patented PixelTec™ patterned optical coating process for high-precision bandpass filters, opening up new possibilities for application-specific cameras. The extended capability enables optical devices to be micro-patterned with multiple narrow-band filters, creating even greater contrast and resolution for multispectral [...]


Beneq to deliver ALD system to leading OLED customer

VCi News Desk    |  26 Sep 2012

Beneq, global supplier of thin film coating equipment, will deliver a large-area batch atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating system to a leading Asian customer developing OLED products. The system will be used for the development of flexible OLED products, for which high-quality ALD films are essential for product performance. Beneq [...]


sp3 Diamond Technologies Awarded New Patents for Thermal Management in Semiconductor and Laser Applications

VCi News Desk    |  26 Sep 2012

sp3 Diamond Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of diamond products, deposition equipment and services, announced that it has been awarded two patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its DiaMatch™ coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) matched heat spreader technology. The diamond-based multilayered structure outlined in the [...]


SCHOTT Solar and SCHMID Group lift PERC Efficiency Records to Values of up to 21%

VCi News Desk    |  26 Sep 2012

SCHOTT Solar and the SCHMID Group demonstrate the successful transfer of the latest developments of SCHOTT Solar’s passivated rear side contact technology by achieving new efficiency records for so called PERC solar cells and reach 20.74% with SCHMIDS APCVD Al2O3-Passivation and even 21.0% with optimized screen-printed silver contacts.- New record [...]


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