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Optical Thin Films

Expert 44316

With over 20 years of experience in optical coating industries ranging from high power lasers to ophthalmics and telecom to military applications, Coaters Tech can provide you with engineering services and training to complete your production or R&D needs.Coaters Tech is able to take your project from concept to production [...]


Thin Films / etc Software

Expert 43927

Coating Design Software / Uniformity Modeling / Process Monitoring and Control / Controls and Instrumentation – anything a computer can do. Extensive development experience with numerous languages and technologies (desktop/server/web/mobile/PLC).


Reactive Magnetron Sputtering

Expert 43878

Deep knowledge of and extensive experience in Reactive Magnetron Sputtering technology. Large area (up to 3m) reactive coating deposition and systems. Roll-to-Roll web and glass coating. Fast feedback process control systems and manufacturing process optimisation. Coating quality and production yield improvement.


Thin Films and Coatings

Expert 40341

Thin Films and Coatings Nanomaterials Electrochemistry Corrosion Nanotribology Nanomechanics Surface and Interface


DLC and Hard Coatings

Expert 39430

I have nearly 20 years experience with DLC and other hard coatings (TiN, CrN, TiCN, etc.) for various applications. I have developed several DLC coatings using various PVD processes.


Multilayer Coating, Wet Chemical Coating

Expert 39357

Complete support for wet chemical single or multilayer coating! Whether it is a new product or function, which needs to be produced by extrem precise and thin coating, a new chemical formulation or perhaps only the conversion of the solvent to a water-based chemical, I will be able to help.Chemical [...]


Surface Engineering and Coating Technologies

Expert 39131

Broad interest and expertise in surface engineering and coatings.Atmospheric presssure plasma treatments.Vacuum PACVD, PVD, CVD..Mechanical and tribological testing of coating systems.Analysis of coatings.Design of coating systems.


PVD technology, Deposition and Plasma Etching (Arc, EB, MSIP)

Expert 39127

PVD technology, deposition & plasma etching (Arc, EB, MSIP)Building and modification PVD equipmentThin film developmentTribological Coatings/wear resistant coatings for tools and componentsFriction reductionMicro/nano structured functional surfaces


Custom Vacuum Process and Equipment

Expert 39118

Can design and fabricate almost any equipment related to depositing or etching thin films in semiconductor, optical, materials science applications. Also space environmental chambers and equipment specific to the frequency crystal industry. Own an established equipment company with several thousand customers.


Chemical Vapour Deposition, CVD, CVI

Expert 38789

He has over 25 years experience in the field of chemical vapor deposition. He has designed and built CVD coating systems up to 1.5m diameter & 2m high. He has a particular experience in high temperature (1200 – 2200 degC) CVD processes and design of equipment for these processes. Typical [...]


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