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Basic Concepts of Reactive Sputtering

posted by Martynas Audronis   |  12 Mar 2013

SummaryWhy is Reactive Sputtering important? – Bill Sproul, the inventor of mass spectrometer based reactive sputtering process control technology, stated in his 2005 review paper, “the use of reactive sputtering has proliferated, particularly over the past decade. It is used extensively by manufacturers of coated architectural glass, roll or web [...]


Recycling Technologies Take a Turn for the Better

posted by Jeff Solomon   |  27 Feb 2013

In prior years, the only metal scrap that was recyclable was the old stalwarts of the scrap business. These items were solid pieces of metal that were segregated into their various grades by eye. Trained sorters differentiated their metals by a variety of Alchemic methods including taking a grinding wheel [...]


The influence of sputtering targets on the manufacturing costs and efficiency of CIGS

posted by Christoph Adelhelm   |  31 Jan 2012

The sputtering process is the most important technique for material deposition in CIGS-manufacturing. With innovative sputtering targets CIGS producers can significantly reduce their production costs.Manufacturers of sputtering targets like PLANSEE have two approaches to reduce CIGS module manufacturing costs: In order to lower the material consumption by a better target [...]


Obtaining Good Transmission (%T) and Reflection (%R) Measurements

posted by Ronald Willey   |  28 Sep 2011

The accuracy of the derivation of n- and k-values for an optical thin film coating material depends heavily on the accuracy of the spectrophotometric measurement data supporting the derivation. Any reflectance and/or transmittance errors will lead to errors in the resulting n- and k-values, which will in turn cause [...]


Nodule Formation on Magnetron Sputtering Targets

posted by Martynas Audronis   |  27 Aug 2011

Magnetron Sputtering is a technology of high importance due to a wide variety of applications in industries such as thin film photovoltaics, semiconductor, optics, decorative coating and wear and corrosion protection. It has been observed in the past that in certain cases, when sputtering metal or ceramic materials, nodules are [...]


ZnO-based thin films and light-emitting diodes grown by ALD

posted by Miin-Jang Chen   |  14 Aug 2011

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a promising material for ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) because of its large exciton binding energy up to 60 meV and direct bandgap energy of 3.37 eV. Many techniques have been used to grow high-quality ZnO films, including molecular beam epitaxy, metal-organic chemical vapor deposition, chemical [...]


Replication of butterfly wings by ALD and investigation of Al2O3 passivation layer for high efficiency crystalline Si thin film solar cells

posted by Laurent Francis   |  4 Aug 2011

Nature provides a variety of micro and nano structures which can be used as templates for manufacturing photonic sensing surfaces. For example, surfaces replicated from the wings of certain butterfly species can absorb or reflect light over a given spectral range [1].Nowadays, nanotechnology and biomimetic technology make it possible to [...]


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