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Boron Nitride Ceramic Evaporation Boats for Metallization

ceramic evaporation boat for metallizing

Resistivity(normal temperature): 300-2000μΩ.cm

evaporation rate(1450°C): 0.4-0.5g/min.cm2

working temperature: 100/40W/mk

coefficient of thermal expansion(1450°C) : (4-6)x10-6k

hot bending intensity(normal temperature): >150mpa

product dimension : Besides standard size, can according to the customer demand for machining

packing: vacuumize

A new generation of Conductive Ceramic Composite Evaporation Boat features:

1. Vacuum hot pressing – The whole sintering processes are in a vacuum with inert gas protection, ensuring a high temperature sintering environment and the promotion of the product after the evaporation boat with good chemical stability.

2. As ZGH-2 in a vacuum sintering furnace is used with a hot pressing process , it utilizes a dual compression mode, and will be guaranteed a sintered body of the bulk density of consistency.

3. As ZGH-2 in a vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is used for the entire process with automatic control and digital display, the new ceramic composite boat has better physical performance.

4. As our new generation of ceramic composite boat takes the optimized four components of synthetic structure, instead of the usual 2 and 3 structures, Our product contains the advantages as follows,

—Increased evaporation boat thermail shock resistance and flecural strength , ease of material from the different thermal expansion coefficients of variance of the boat therefore avoiding the evaporation of variance of the boat, which in turn prevents the evaporation operating under high-temperature due to heat build up caused by stress fracture .

—Enhanced evaporation of metal boat on the humid , aluminium easy solution to the entire surface through of the boat , raising the evaporation efficiency.

—Increased evaporation boat solution, corrosion resistant aluminum capacity therefore extending the working life of the boat .

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Posted by: Shandong Pengcheng Special Ceramics Co., Ltd 

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