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INTELLITROL Series of Automatic Valve Controllers – AVC100

The INTELLITROL Series of Automatic Valve Controllers provide total control of all basic vacuum operations. The microprocessor based controller provides reliable one button operation for fully automatic valve sequencing, protected manual mode to prevent mis-valving during manual operations, and service mode for complete manual operation. The intelligent layout of the unit makes manual operation virtually effortless. The INTELLITROL Valve Controllers can be directly connected to most popular vacuum guage controllers to receive set point data.


Complete Automatic, Protected Manual, and Service Operation
Intelligent Layout for “Ease of Use”
Microprocessor-Based Control of Pump Sequencing
Easily Connected to Most Popular Vacuum Gauges
120 VAC or 24 VDC Output, other voltages optional
Can Interface with Any Vacuum System

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Posted by: Yeagle Technology Inc 

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