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Ascent Solar Technologies Appoints MKRAK Management Inc. as Canadian Distributor

Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTI), a developer of state-of-the-art, flexible thin-film photovoltaic modules integrated into the new EnerPlexTM line of consumer products, announced today the appointment of MKRAK Management Inc. as the company’s exclusive distributor to golf pro-shops and select retail stores in the Canadian market.

The EnerPlex SurfrTM product line is the first series of protective phone cases to leverage the lightweight qualities and superior aesthetics of Ascent Solar’s CIGS solar technology. It extends the battery life of either the Apple iPhone 4® or Samsung Galaxy S III® while preserving the high level of design quality that consumers demand. Consumers can now incorporate green technology into their everyday life, improving the performance of their smart phone without compromising style.

More information on the entire EnerPlex line can be found at

Mr. Rob Roche, Ascent’s Vice-President of Sales & Marketing said, “Golfers today use their smart phones for a wide range of applications such as GPS, Swing Analysis and filming; yet there is no convenient source of power on the golf course to charge their phones when their batteries run out. EnerPlex products provide that guaranteed power source at all times. Cementing EnerPlex’s position in the golf market was the inclusion of the EnerPlex Surfr in Golf Digest as one of the Top Ten items golfers need today.”

Mr. Roche went on to say, “The Canadian golf market is an important segment for Ascent Solar to pursue and we have found the perfect partner for this market entry with MKRAK Management. MKRAK Management has proven itself in bringing new and technologically advanced products into the Canadian golf market.” With its extensive experience with distribution in the golf industry, MKRAK Management will be responsible for growing Ascent’s presence in the Canadian marketplace and will focus on establishing the EnerPlex brand in various national retailers and pro shops.

Mr. Mark Krakower, President & CEO of MKRAK Management said, “We are very excited about working with Ascent. Ascent Solar’s line of products is revolutionary and will fill the void that golfers must fill today when they are on the golf course or on the range and their smart phones need power suddenly, but none is available. The EnerPlex line of products will become an integral part of the golfer’s equipment that they won’t go to the course or the practice range without.”


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Posted by: VCi News Desk 
February 26th, 2013 at 23:59

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