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AS-Master 200 mm RTP system up to 1500°C

The AS-Master rapid thermal processor is a highly versatile tool allowing a wide range of processes from annealing to rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition. The high temperature version can run annealing processes up to 1500°C. Optional square chamber is available for square samples processing.

The cold wall chamber technology provides high process reproducibility under ultra clean and contamination-free environment. Loadlock and cluster tool module versions are available for improved process environment cleanness.

The extended temperature range, the vacuum performance (atmosphere to 10-7 Torr) and gas mixing capability make AS-Master suitable for a large range of RTP and RTCVD processes.

Pyrometer and thermocouple temperature control associated with fast digital PID temperature controller provide accurate temperature control.

Manual loading and cassette to cassette versions make system suitable for process development and easy transfer to production.

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