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Angstrom Sciences Introduce New “Build Your Own” Cathode Configuration Application

Angstrom Sciences has just launched a new “Build Your Own”, web-based tool that allows our customers to instantly receive pricing and quotations for magnetrons. Magnetrons are highly customizable devices. Engineered around standard magnetic configurations, there are many possible permutations of the final assembly when all of the user-definable accessories and features are considered.

To take the guesswork out of configuring our cathodes and provide real time pricing data and quotations, Angstrom Sciences has introduced the “Build Your Own” application. Available through our home page, this application allows our customers to establish a secure account and manage all interaction with the application. Using a series of drop down menus, configuring a specific cathode becomes a straightforward task and also takes the guesswork out of the pricing.

Currently released for our “Classic” UHV magnetrons, over the coming month the application will be extended to all of Angstrom Sciences product lines.

Angstrom Sciences is the world leader in magnetron technology used to produce thin films through the “sputtering” process. Sputtering is used to manufacture advanced products such as, compact discs, energy efficient architectural glass, fiber optic network components, thin film solar panels, and microelectronic devices. The company has a worldwide business presence and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.


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Posted by: VCi News Desk 
December 16th, 2012 at 14:22

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